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Doulas and Surrogates
Listen first hand as a Surrogate talks about the benefits of having a Doula
If I live in another state outside of CA, is there a Doula available?
YES,  we will go through our screening and contracting process to provide the highest level of care for you and your family.  Also, if you are coming from another Country, our Doulas will offer continued care, if you desire, when you return home.

Are the Doulas familiar with the Surrogacy process?
YES, we have met with each Doula and have explained the process and explained how her role is instrumental in guiding you through this unique process.

Why would we need a Doula?
Statistics have proven that with a Doula present, there is peace of mind and better outcomes.  The Doula is an on-the-job trainer, a professional to help you ask all the right questions during the birth and postpartum period so that you can make decisions with confidence.
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Will the cost of a Doula be included in our fee to the Surrogacy Company of our choice?
NO, this is a separate fee, payable to Doulas for Surrogacy.  The Expectant Parents are asked to provide this service for the Birthing Woman.  The Expectant Parents will further choose a Postpartum Doula to support them once baby arrives.  They can chose to have a Postpartum Doula assist during the day, evening, or have 24 hour care.  This is especially helpful if you have multiples.

Are we obligated to hire a Doula after meeting with her?
NO, we will refer THREE matching Doulas that are available during the time that you anticipate needing support.  You will meet with them for free under no obligation.  If there isn't a match with the three Doulas originally sent, we will refer three more and will keep working to find a perfect match for you.  If you decide that you do not want a Doula present, then we will discontinue our search.

Why would we utilize Doulas for Surrogacy vs. finding a Doula on our own?
We are committed to excellence! We have pre-screened our Doulas, they are professionally trained and/or certified, they are required to obtain continuing education and stay current in their field of expertise, and there is accountability for the services provided.  

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