Doulas For Surrogacy - Providing services to Surrogate Women and Intended Families

Doulas for Surrogacy
understands that special care is to be provided to all members of the surrogacy unit.  Our focus is to assist the Birthing Woman and the Intended Parents throughout this new journey by providing a continuum of care.

All of our Doulas are professionally trained and/or certified, are in good standing with all their affiliated organizations, have been pre-screened, and are required to obtain continuing education.  We provide the highest level of care to our clients.

Birth Doulas
Primary focus is on the Birthing Woman.  

The Doula will provide continuous support before, during, and immediately after the birth of baby(ies).  Doulas offer informational, physical, and emotional support throughout pregnancy, labor, and birth.  The care will continue into the immediate postpartum period. 

We have a flat fee rate for Birth Doulas.  We will pair the Birth Doula with the Birthing Woman, based on availability, experience, and overall needs of the Birthing Woman.

Postpartum Doulas
Primary focus is on the Intended Parents.

Postpartum Doulas provide hands-on instruction to the new family.  They help the Intended Parents find their rhythm with their baby(ies).  The Postpartum Doula does not assume care for the newborn, rather provides the Intended Parents with the education, skills, and confidence to do so.

We have an hourly rate, as well as a travel rate available should the Intended Parents request that the Postpartum Doula travel out of state or country to further assist the new family in getting settled in the home.

Benefits of Doula Support
Research shows that by having birth doula support, Birthing Women:
  • may have shorter labors
  • fewer interventions
  • less chance of cesarean section
  • overall more satisfying birth experience

Research shows that by having postpartum doula support, Parents:
  • make a smoother transition to their role as a new parent
  • experience less postpartum depression
  • are more successful with breastfeeding (with induced lactation)
  • are given the tools to have a greater bonding experience with their newborn

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